"Thank you! I have to say that we could not be happier for how everything went yesterday; we've received so many comments from friends & families about how good the music during the cocktail hour was, and cannot even begin to describe how well 'Time & Confusion' went over with the crowd. You found a way to take a song with a very select audience and make it something everyone could enjoy. More importantly, this is something that we will remember for the rest of our lives and a moment we could not have created were it not for your help and hard work."  Watch Marissa and Ryan’s first dance with a performance by Brian: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THmRxERAohc        -Ryan and Marissa, for their wedding

"Brian e' come un Michael Buble' academico" (Brian is like an academic Michael Buble') - Teo Ciavarella, Director of the Universita' di Bologna Jazz Band 

"It was great to meet you and such a pleasure to be entertained by your music.  Everyone really enjoyed it."  -Becky Splitt, holiday party

""Thank you for your wonderful lovely lovely music on sunday, we all enjoyed."   -Elise Brault, private party

Best little secret though - they have a guitarist/singer now on Friday & Saturday nights named Brian Jordan. He sings in Italian & English. It added such a nice ambiance. It was the perfect accompaniment to the traditional Italian food. He sounded a lot like Michael Buble. Would recommend Friday/Sat nights at La Luce.  -Chicago Yelp Review 

"I wanted to write and tell you how wonderful you are! The guests in the living room said you were great, too!  -Iris Segel,  birthday celebration